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Go Raw --  

Go Raw makes high quality organic vegan & gluten-free sprouted products such as sprouted pumpkin, sunflower, and watermelon seeds, raw chocolate bars, super flavorful flax seed crackers, nutrient-dense granola, sprouted cookies, protein bars and more. Use coupon code: 15%OFF at their online shop!

Thrive Market --  

Thrive Market is my go-to place for finding the lowest prices on gluten-free pantry staples! They carry all of my favorite brands + their own brand is AMAZING. I find I can get way more for the money at Thrive Market. Use this special link to get 25% off your first order! Enjoy.

Made By Hemp --  

Made By Hemp makes and sells high-quality CBD products from lab tested hemp. All of their products are highly effective, highly rated/reviewed and might I say AMAZING? I could not recommend them enough! Use coupon code ‘MBH10’ for 10% off Made by Hemp products and code ‘THO10’ for 10% off Tasty Hemp Oil products from

Kasandrino's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil --

This incredible organic extra virgin olive oil with its roots in Greece is of the absolute best quality that you will ever find! Use the exclusive code 'MOON10' for 10% off your entire order at

Mothers Kitchen Essentials --

Here you can find an amazing organic loose leaf chai tea blend as well as high quality organic rock sugar crystals for your tea needs! Use code ‘moonspoonyum’ for 10% off your order at

Rasa Koffee -- 

Rasa Koffee makes amazingly healthy adaptogen-rich coffee alternatives that taste great and come in 100% compostable packaging! They are an incredible company. Visit this link or use coupon code ‘MOONSPOONANDYUM’ to receive 15% off your order at

Square Organics -- 

Square Organics makes ridiculously tasty gluten-free & dairy-free chocolate covered brown rice protein bars and protein popcorn in a variety of delicious flavors! Use the exclusive code 'moonspoonyum' for 20% off your order at

Pique Tea -- 

 Pique Tea makes amazing organic teas in a pure crystallized form that can be enjoyed as a cold brew or as a warm comforting cup. They are truly revolutionary in the tea world! Use this link to receive free shipping + up to 28% off + 2 free cartons with your order at

Purity Coffee -- 

This is the crème de la crème of coffee. Purity coffee makes the cleanest, most antioxidant-rich, organic coffee you will find! Use code 'moonspoonyum' for 30% off your first order at

Your Super -- 

Your Super creates amazing, clean, healthy, and tasty superfood powder mixes that you can add to smoothies, smoothie bowls, baked goods, oatmeal, raw treats or simply mixed into water to help you achieve optimum health & wellness. Use -this link- to receive 15% off your order at!



PaperlessPost.Com --

Paperless Post is an amazing company that allows you to create beautiful, and fully customizable stationery, flyers, greeting cards and more to send to friends and family — all while saving the trees.

HealthLabs.Com --

 HealthLabs.Com is a top-notch online lab testing service that provides affordable testing for food allergies, vitamin deficiencies and evenspecial targeted vegan testing! I have partnered with to provide a 25% discount off these tests to my readers! Just call 1-800-579-3914 and mention the coupon code 'moon and spoon' to redeem your discount. 

Ibotta --

I positively love this rebate application! I earn money every week for groceries and toiletries I was going to purchase anyway. No tricks or gimmicks here. You simply scan receipts and receive money back via PayPal. Easy peasy. Sign up using my link and you will receive a $10 welcome bonus: HERE. —-

STDcheck.Com provides fast, private, affordable, FDA-approved STD testing so that you can stay on top of your sexual health! I'm all about normalizing & destigmatizing the conversation surrounding safe sex. I also believe everyone should be aware of and have access to the wonderful services that provides!


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