Mystic Moody Adobe Lightroom Preset for Mobile + Desktop

Mystic Moody Adobe Lightroom Preset for Mobile + Desktop


This FREE Mystic Moody Adobe Lightroom Desktop Preset is inspired by my favorite moody film looks and VSCO filters. It is a cooler-toned dark & moody preset with heavy vignette that also imparts a mystical glow emanating from the center to any image that it is applied to. It works well with nature, portrait, travel and food photos alike. I would describe this beautiful Lightroom preset as dark, moody, magical, and enchanting! It’s one of my favorites, that I use rather frequently & I hope you enjoy it, too. Included you can find Lightroom mobile app installation instructions! Happy editing!

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FREE Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Preset: MYSTIC MOODY. This VSCO inspired preset is dark and moody, mystical, magical and enchanting. This free preset works well for nature, food, travel and portrait photography and is compatible with Adobe Lightroom for desktop and the free Lightroom Mobile app! #freepreset #freelightroompreset #freelightroommobilepreset #freedarkandmoodypreset #VSCOpreset #free #lightroomapppreset