Apothecary Adobe Lightroom Preset for Mobile & Desktop

Apothecary Adobe Lightroom Preset for Mobile & Desktop

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This ‘Apothecary’ Adobe Lightroom Mobile and Desktop Preset is a wonderful earthy preset with muted tones and subtly moodiness that adds a rustic bohemian touch to any image it is applied to! This beautiful preset is inspired by my favorite Polaroid films and VSCO filters. Words that describe this preset: Earthy, Moody, Muted, Rustic, Hippie, Bohemian, Nature-Inspired, Brown Tones, Desaturated, Faded, Vintage. This preset is especially great for photos of nature, herbs, plants, food, and weddings. I hope you love it! And as always, I appreciate your feedback. Enjoy!

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This Moody, Earthy and Bohemian Lightroom Preset for mobile app and desktop adds a rustic vintage hippie flair to any image its applied to. This makes a great preset for a consistent Instagram feed and works well on nature, plant and herb photos, food photography, weddings, portraits and more! #bohemianpreset #hippiepreset #vscopreset #vintagepreset #earthypreset #mobilepreset #lightroompreset #mutedpreset #moodypreset