About Me

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Hi, I’m Kristen! I’m a mama, photographer and recipe developer based in Flagstaff, Arizona. A vegetarian since the age of eight, I adopted a gluten-free diet in 2013 after seeing tremendous health improvements after doing so. I greatly enjoy the creative and intuitive side of creating in the kitchen; and strive to create well-rounded whole foods-based, refined sugar-free creations that the whole family can enjoy. When I’m not in the kitchen I can be found roaming the forest or desert (camera in hand!).


About the Blog


MOON and spoon and yum is a food blog that focuses on whole foods-based, refined sugar-free gluten-free vegetarian and vegan family friendly recipes! In addition to being a food blog, MOON and spoon and yum also provides an interview series with food bloggers, as well as cookbook and product reviews, + more!

I’m available for sponsored posts, product reviews, recipe development, food & product photography, and much more. A complete media kit is available upon request (please contact me here)!